There are 2 residency programs for application, THE STANDARD RESIDENCY and THE BIGGIE SHORTIE. Residents of both programs are given access to Revolution Recovery’s waste stream. RAIR’s staff works closely with all residents, both while picking in the yard and in the studio. 

For more information, please see the application section of our website, including the FAQs.  and or send us an email at

*You may apply for both residencies, but please take note of the differences between the two.

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Ends on September 30, 2017$25.00

The Biggie Shortie is a shorter, more project based residency. Think: big project in a short amount of time. The flexible nature of Biggie Shortie projects allows for the residency to be customized to fit each artist's needs. In general, the Biggie Shortie Residency:

  • has the potential for large scale projects
  • is temporary/ experimental
  • encourages working towards a document
  • works closely with staff: planning through documentation 
  • projects return to the waste stream

Duration and Working Hours:

  • 2-4 consecutive weekends
  • Saturday 9am- 9pm 
  • Sunday 9am- 9pm
  • Site visits and material sourcing days may be scheduled separately 
  • Minimum of 20 hours a week


  • Access to the yard during off hours
  • Partial access to the project space
  • Partial access to the shop 
  • Area to store materials on site

Application Fee:
July  1st - 31st:             $15 

August  1st - 31st:         $20

September 1st - 30th:   $25

Ends on September 30, 2017$25.00

The Standard Residency is a longer, more traditional studio based program. Residents are given access to waste materials and a studio space. In general, the Standard Residency:

  • allows for the development of a body of work
  • supports independent work-styles
  • gives the option to return projects to waste stream

Duration and Working Hours

  • From 1-3 months
  • Weekdays 7am-5pm Weekends 7am-2pm 
  • Additional work hours can be scheduled
  • Minimum of 20 hours per week


  • Complete access to project space
  • Complete access to the shop
  • Area to store materials in studio


July  1st - 31st:             $15 

August  1st - 31st:         $20

September 1st - 30th:   $25